SEMF has been made aware that our post office box has not been accepting any mail and has returned some entries to our participants. We’re looking into these issues next week, but in the meantime please have your students resubmit any mailed entries (returned to sender or not) via email or fax. The entry deadline for these submissions will be December 16, but please get them in as soon as possible.  All the details are on the blog post. Please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.

junior piano:



junior piano: awards


$50 Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grade 3) –
$75 SMMTA Scholarship
 (Piano Solo – Grade 4) – 



Iris Dirks Memorial Trophy (Piano Solo – Grade 3) –
Brian Kliewer Family Memorial Trophy (Piano Solo – Grade 4) –
SMMTA Trophy (Piano Duet, Trio and Ensemble – Grades 3 & 4)



Preliminary Piano: 

Preliminary Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers Piano:

Preliminary Multi-Discipline W.A. Mozart Piano: