The Southeastern Manitoba Festival is pleased to announce our 2024 program is available on our website.  You can view online or print it out as you like.

junior piano:

junior piano: awards


$50 Guenther Family Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grade 3) –
$75 SMMTA Scholarship
 (Piano Solo – Grade 4) –



Iris Dirks Memorial Trophy (Piano Solo – Grade 3) –
Brian Kliewer Family Memorial Trophy (Piano Solo – Grade 4) –
SMMTA Trophy (Piano Duet, Trio and Ensemble – Grades 3 & 4)



Preliminary Piano:
Preliminary Piano: 

Preliminary Piano Alternate: 

Preliminary Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers Piano:
Preliminary Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers Piano: 

Preliminary Multi-Discipline W.A. Mozart Piano: