The Southeastern Manitoba Festival is pleased to announce our 2024 program is available on our website.  You can view online or print it out as you like.

southeastern manitoba festival executive

Please note! Before contacting the President, Vice President, or any other member of the committee who is not directly involved with a specific discipline, please get in touch with the discipline coordinator for your discipline. If needed, they will forward questions to other members of the committee. Inquiries sent without communicating first with the discipline coordinators may not be answered.


Secretary Jen Penner 204-392-6537
Treasurer Jack Schellenberg 204-326-1298
Admin Assistant Jen Penner 204-392-6537
Awards Assistant Orlynn Giesbrecht 204-326-5780
Distribution Shirley Thiessen 204-371-5161
Distribution Heather Kroeker 204-381-9515
Executive Assistant
Jen Penner 204-392-6537
Gala Orlynn Giesbrecht 204-326-5780
Melissa Taylor 204-392-6795
Volunteer Recruits Wanda Wiebe 204-346-1476
Website Jacqueline Brandt 204-326-2761
Choral Katie Smith Schroeder 204-392-0038
Choral Gabriella Gallo 431-777-8760
Junior Piano
Shirley Thiessen 204-371-5161
Junior Piano Heather Kroeker 204-381-9515
Musical Theatre
Tami Schindler-Klassen 204-392-2917
Senior Piano Kimberly Dyck 204-392-5639
Strings Catherine Seale 204-380-2498
Katie Smith Schroeder 204-392-0038
Vocal Melissa Taylor 204-392-6795
Regional Director
Kim Bestvater Sidorchuk 204-371-5695
Provincial Administrator
AMAF 204-231-4507