The Southeastern Manitoba Festival needs your donations of time as well as money to keep functioning.

There are several vacancies on the committee, please consider joining the festival executive in one of these roles.  If you are interested, please contact Sharon Guenther at 204-326-6799. .

Volunteers are needed as Door Attendants and Adjudicator Secretaries during March each year. SEMF generally schedules 3 sessions per day (morning, afternoon and evening) and volunteers may choose to work at one or more of these sessions. The job descriptions for both are below.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sharon Guenther at 204-326-6799 to reserve your session!


Each year in the fall, SEMF accepts applications for the position of Adjudicator Secretary.  The main responsibility of this job is to assist the discipline coordinator and festival adjudicator with jobs such as keeping music organized, adjudication sheets, keeping track of class winners and posting these on the website.  Past festival experience is an asset, organizational skills are a must.  This position is reimbursed with a small honorarium.

For further questions about this position, please contact Sharon Guenther at 204-326-6799

Job Description for Door Attendants

  1. Please arrive 30 minutes ahead of time as we ask that our competitors hand in their music 15 minutes before they perform.  Plan to stay until the last competitor has performed.
  2. Door Attendant will preside over cash box, sell festival passes, admission and programs and collect music from competitors.
  3. Table and chair should be ready for you at the festival as well as any admission signs.  The Discipline Coordinator is responsible for the cash box for the duration of the festival, but you are asked to look after it during your volunteer session.
  4. Familiarize yourself with our admission prices.  Admission is charged for all ages (babies and toddlers are included.) – These are the policies of the SEMF and we ask that you adhere to them as they are regularly reviewed by our committee and SEMF feels they are fair to our attendees, performers and the Festival as a whole.  If you have any issues that arise you may remind persons that this is Festival policy and you may direct them to contact a member of the executive preferably in writing.
  5. SEMF does not permit participants to practice on stage before or between sessions.
  6. Door attendants should sit outside door and NOT ALLOW people to enter or exit site during a performance. This can be very distracting for the performer as well as the adjudicator and audience.  Please help to encourage a respectful, quiet atmosphere for the enjoyment of all.

At the Festival

  • When you arrive at the festival, please check to see if everything is set up, and see if programs, Festival passes and cash box are ready.
  • Preside over cash box and sell festival passes, admission and programs. Keep record of number of programs sold, festival passes sold, admissions and attendance on sheet provided.
  • Keep record of the competitors as they arrive in Competitor’s Attendance copy of program.
  • Please expect to collect music from competitors as they enter.  Place a sticky note on the page of music that they will be performing.  Mark the sticky note with: the class number, the competitor number, and the competitor’s name. (Prepare sticky notes – upside down –  in advance while waiting for competitors to arrive and between classes).
  • Do not accept photocopied music. Originals only must be presented. If there is no original copy the performer is disqualified and may play for adjudication only.  Music purchased legally on the internet is accepted.                                                        EXCEPTION:  In Speech/Theatre Arts a special license has been purchased by the Provincial AMAF organization to allow any and all photocopies in any Speech/Theatre Arts class.
  • At end of session, complete balance sheet and pass it and all monies received to Discipline Coordinator or Adjudicator Secretary as arranged.
  • Please remember you are representing the Festival as an entire organization, so deviance from these guidelines will reflect on the Festival as a whole.


  1. Please arrive at least 20 to 30 minutes ahead of time.
  2. First of all introduce yourself and make sure the adjudicator is settled in and check if they would like coffee or water, etc…
  3. Ensure the correct sponsor sign is on the easel.
  4. Check to see if the adjudicator wishes to sign the adjudication sheets before the session starts.
  5. Have the adjudicator sign all the Participation Certificates for the session.
  6. Check to see if sharp pencils are ready for the adjudicator.
  7. The Door Attendant will collect all the participants’ music and mark the music with a sticky note with the participants name on it.  Check to see if this music is in order and consider collating with the adjudication sheets. – Note:  SEMF does not accept any unauthorized photocopies. Anyone attempting to hand in unauthorized photocopies may perform for adjudication only – no marks or awards given (Note:  the only exception is all Speech/Theatre Arts classes as a special license has been purchased for this).  Music purchased legally on the internet is accepted.
  8. Mark all cancellations in program and write “canceled” across adjudication sheet. Put all canceled sheets in a separate folder labeled “cancellations”. No changes are allowed in programming without consulting the Coordinator.
  9. SEMF does not permit participants to practice on stage before or between sessions.

Beginning the Session

  • Before the start of each session, read the Official SEMF Greeting Script which includes a general welcome, thank you to sponsors and an adjudicator introduction.
  • Read the complete class name and announce any cancellations. Announce each performer, name of piece and its composer – as adjudicator is ready.
  • Assist adjudicator during session by handing him/her adjudication sheets and piece open to correct page.

Record Marks for each performer in Official Program.  First and second place winners receive a number mark and all others receive a letter grade.  Remember to record all other award winners as well.
Complete Participants Certificates with first and second place seals as awarded.  Others receive a red seal.  Where duos, trios, and quartets, each performer will receive a certificate.  Groups 5+ receive one certificate.  Non-competitive performers will receive a ribbon instead of a participation certificate.  (note:  Dance has a separate system described in the addendum using gold, silver and bronze seals.)

  • Remember to give each class winner an invitation to the Awards Night – in Senior Piano, Junior Piano and Vocal.  In Junior Piano competitive classes, the class winner (1st place) receives a Manitoba Hydro prize.
  • Return Music and adjudication sheets to performers after class has ended.
  • ALSO: Remind the adjudicator if the time is getting limited.
    Do not discuss participants or adjudication sheets with the adjudicator or anyone else during or after the session. All information is confidential.
    Do not permit any consultation or complaints to be made with or to the adjudicator at any time. Direct persons to consult a member of the SEMF executive in writing.