Trophy Winners

See a complete listing of all the 2018 Trophy Winners below. Thank you to all our trophy sponsors and congratulations to our trophy winners.

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Alina Hart and Jeongah Park

Maureen Aubry Trophy

Piano Duet, Duo and Ensemble – Grades 7 To Honours

Amy Johnson


Piano Solo - Grade 3

Avery Kellett

Heier Designs Florist Trophy

Musical Theatre Solo Performance – Preliminary (13 & 14 years)

Brooklyn Giesbrecht, Kelsey Martens, and Darci Kehler

Kelvin Goertzen Trophy

Vocal Duet, Trio Or Ensemble – 13 Years and Over

Jasmine Stiller

Wes & Charlotte Reimer Trophy

Concerto – Grade 7 to Honours

Jason Friesen

Three Way Builders Award

Guitar Solo - All levels

Joey Shulz

Glenn Loewen Trophy

Piano Solo – Grade 6

Jonah Hiebert

Lillian Toews Trophy

Strings – Grades 3 to 6

Jordan Nerbas

Elsie Harms Memorial Piano Scholarship Trophy

Excellence in Performance - Senior Piano

Joseph Guenther

Dr. Karl Hugo Krueger Trophy

Piano Solo, Diploma Level & Honors

Kaitlynd Stelmack

Three Way Builders Trophy

Musical Theatre Performance – 12 Years and Under

Kamryn Gerbrandt

Loewen Windows Trophy

Vocal Solo – 13 & 14 Years

Kassia Penner

Marie Reimer Memorial Trophy

Musical Theatre Performance – Junior (15 & 16 years)

Kayla Maendel

Smith, Neufeld, Jodoin Trophy

Vocal Solo – 12 Years and Under

Lucas Janke

Dr. Dennis Giesbrecht Trophy

Piano Solo – Grades 7 & 8

Malacai Hiebert

Loewen Body Shop Trophy

Strings - Grades 7 to Honours

Maria Guenther

E.J. Friesen Trophy

Vocal Solo – Grade B, Grade A and Honours

Marie Janke

Brian Kliewer Family Memorial Trophy

Piano Solo – Grade 4

MariLynn Champagne

AM1250 Radio Trophy

Vocal Solo – Intermediate {17 & 18 Years} and Adult

Mersadie Thiessen

Dr. Paul Peters Trophy

Vocal Solo – Junior (15 & 16 Years)

Nikita Georgijevic

C.T. Loewen & Sons Trophy

Spoken Poetry Grades 7 to Adult

Rachel Sidorchuk

J.H. Rempel Memorial Trophy

Musical Theatre Performance – Intermediate (17 & 18 Years) and over

Sara Janke

Steinbach Auto Dealers Association Trophy

Piano Solo – Grades 9 & 10

The 6 Muses (Kelsey Martens, Darci Kehler, Arabella Teetaert, Mersadie Thiessen, Brooklyn Giesbrecht, Jordyn Coldwell)

Barkman Concrete Ltd. Trophy

Musical Theatre Vocal Ensemble, 12 years and under

Three Wise Guys

Manitoba Hydro Trophy

Piano Duet, Duo and Ensemble – Grades 3 to 6

Tobin Sawatzky and Nikita Georgijevic

Chez Koop Trophy

Musical Theatre Vocal Ensemble, 13 years and up