“Dear Festival participants, patrons, sponsors and friends, 

With a heavy heart we must announce our decision to cancel the 2021 Southeastern Manitoba Festival. We have deliberated over our possible options and find the uncertainty of future cancellations to be cost and time prohibitive. We will look forward now to 2022 for a great Festival with much anticipation and hope for a wonderful celebration of the arts at that time. Please continue to enjoy your studies and studios, enriching your life and the lives of those around you.

Sincerely, Sharon Guenther, SEMF President “

senior piano: sunday,

senior piano: monday,



Manitoba Hydro Trophy (Duet, Trio, or Ensemble – Grades 5 & 6)

Maureen Aubry Trophy (Piano Duet, Duo, or Ensemble – Grade 7 to Honours)

senior piano: tuesday,

senior piano: wednesday,

senior piano: awards night, wednesday,


Medal (Piano Solo – Grade 5)
Medal (Piano Solo – Grade 6)
Medal (Piano Solo – Grade 7)
Medal (Piano Solo – Grade 8)



$100 Chez Koop Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grades 5 & 6)
$100 Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grade 7)
$100 Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grade 8)



Judy Doerksen Trophy (Piano Solo – Grade 5)
Glenn Loewen Trophy (Piano Solo – Grade 6)
Dr. Dennis Giesbrecht Trophy (Piano Solo – Grades 7 & 8)



Junior Piano
Junior Piano –
Junior Piano Alternate –

Intermediate Piano
Intermediate Piano
Intermediate Piano Alternate –

Junior Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers
Junior Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers Alternate –

Intermediate Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers
Intermediate Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers Alternate –

Intermediate Multi-Discipline W.A. Mozart

senior piano: thursday,

senior piano: awards night, thursday,

Medal (Piano Solo – Grade 9)
Medal (Piano Solo – Grade 10)
Medal (Piano Solo – Diploma)

$100 Piano Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grade 9) –
$100 Piano Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grade 10 & Diploma) – 
$200 Eva M. Krueger Memorial Scholarship (to the winner of the Dr. Karl H. Krueger Trophy) –
$100 J.H. Rempel Memorial Scholarship (Piano Solo – Grades 7 to Honours) –
$100 Elsie Harms Scholarship (to the winner of the Elsie Harms Scholarship Trophy) – 



 Dr Karl Hugo Krueger Trophy (Piano Solo – Diploma and Honours) –
Steinbach Auto Dealers Association Trophy (Piano Solo – Grades 9 & 10) –
Elsie Harms Memorial Piano Scholarship Trophy (Adjudicator’s Choice Award – Grade 7 to Honours) –
Maureen Aubry Trophy (Piano Duet, Duo, or Ensemble – Grade 7 to Honours)



Advanced Piano –
Advanced Piano –
Advanced Piano Alternate –

Senior Piano –
Senior Piano – 

Advanced Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers –
Advanced Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers Alternate –
Senior Multi-Discipline Canadian Composers – 

National Piano –
National Piano –