“Dear Festival participants, patrons, sponsors and friends, 

With a heavy heart we must announce our decision to cancel the 2021 Southeastern Manitoba Festival. We have deliberated over our possible options and find the uncertainty of future cancellations to be cost and time prohibitive. We will look forward now to 2022 for a great Festival with much anticipation and hope for a wonderful celebration of the arts at that time. Please continue to enjoy your studies and studios, enriching your life and the lives of those around you.

Sincerely, Sharon Guenther, SEMF President “

southeastern manitoba festival executive

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President Sharon Guenther 204-326-6799 semfpresident@gmail.com
Treasurer Jack Schellenberg 204-326-1298 jacksch@mymts.net
Admin Assistant Jen Penner 204-392-6537 semfsecretary@gmail.com
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Shirley Thiessen 204-371-5161
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Michelle Sawatzky-Koop 204-371-6604 houseofkoop@gmail.com
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Ernest Dueck 204-346-3659
Jacqueline Brandt 204-326-2761 qline@shaw.ca
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Guitar Lin Wiebe 204-326-1485 lbartlette@hotmail.com
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Junior Piano Helen Falk 204-346-1746
Musical Theatre
Tami Schindler-Klassen 204-392-2917
Musical Theatre Robin Maier 204-371-9706 manitobarobin@gmail.com
Senior Piano Kimberly Dyck 204-392-5639
Speech/Theatre Arts
Strings/Instrumental Catherine Seale 204-326-8196 bcseale@mymts.net
Katie Smith Schroeder 204-326-4177 ksmithschroeder@hsd.ca
Vocal Melissa Taylor 204-392-6795 miss.taylor204@gmail.com
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