Please note! Before contacting the President, Vice President, or any other member of the committee who is not directly involved with a specific discipline, please get in touch with the discipline coordinator for your discipline. If needed, they will forward questions to other members of the committee. Inquiries sent without communicating first with the discipline coordinators may not be answered.

        Southeastern Manitoba Festival Executive
President    Sharon Guenther    204-326-6799
Vice-President    Candace Georgijevic    204-320-1720
Secretary    Irene Schellenberg    204-326-1298
Treasurer    Jack Schellenberg    204-326-1298
Admin Assistant    Jen Penner    204-326-2634
Adjudicator Secretary 
Awards Assistant    Orlynn Giesbrecht    204-326-5780
Executive Assistant    Jen Penner    204-326-2634
Dance Executive Assistant   Frieda Neufeld    204-392-5189
Funds    Shirley Thiessen    204-371-5161
Gala    Michelle Sawatzky-Koop    204-371-6604
Gala    Orlynn Giesbrecht    204-326-5780
Media    Michelle Sawatzky-Koop    204-371-6604
Volunteer Recruits    Ernest Dueck    204-346-3659
Website    Jacqueline Brandt    204-326-2761
Choral    Adeline Loewen    204-326-5321
Dance Coordinator    Tracy Pankratz    204-326-2057
Dance Coordinator    Natasha Penner    204-380-2461
Guitar    Lin Wiebe    204-326-1485
Junior Piano    Mia Fast    204-346-1657
Junior Piano    Helen Falk    204-346-1746
Musical Theatre    Tami Schindler-Klassen    204-392-2917
Musical Theatre    Corinne Thiessen    204-346-1085
Senior Piano    Kimberly Dyck    204-392-5639
Speech/Theatre Arts    Marianne Neufeld    204-471-0459
Strings/Instrumental    Catherine Seale    204-326-8196 Strings/Instrumental    Joanne Dyck    204-392-3529
Vocal    Katie Smith Schroeder    204-326-2170
Vocal    Melissa Taylor 204-392-6795
Regional Director Contact AMAF for information 204-231-4507
Provincial Administrator AMAF 204-231-4507

AMAF Director
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